Dr Martens

Dr. Martens have revolutionised the working man’s boot with their ingenious technologies like the air-padded Bouncing Sole, so much so that they became the pride of the working class, being wholeheartedly adopted by the Punk movement of the '70s. Shuperb stocks a range of Dr. Martens shoes & boots, carefully selected to be worn in a variety of occasions, so you can stand distinguished no matter the situation.


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Dr. Martens | Shoes & Boots For Men & Women

Firmly ingrained into British fashion, Dr. Martens have enjoyed a long legacy of defining the various social movements of the 20th- and 21st- centuries, from being the working-class boot worn proudly by blue-collar workers like industrial factory workers, to the counter-culture Punk movement. This utilitarian boot used by workers had transformed into a symbol for individual style and a united spirit, when it had been adopted by skinheads like Pete Townsend (of The Who) because it stood for the working class, having been sold as the £2 work boot for many years.  

On a stylistic level, Dr. Martens’ simple silhouettes allow their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their own individual and very distinctive style; on a practical level, their famous durability and comfort make them ideal for the world of gigs and street fashion; and then finally on an emotional level, they are a badge of attitude and empowerment.

Dr. Martens have captured hearts and minds with their iconic Bouncing Sole that is welted with the classic yellow stitching, which became a much-needed improvement on standard issue army boots that were far too ridged. For the founder, Dr. Martens who served as medic in the German army, this was an aggravated issue due to a Skiing accident that warranted the need for a more cushioned boot, to spare the human frame of absorbing the shock of each step.

In 1945, the first Dr. Martens boot was forged with soft leather, combined with idle rubber from the Luftwaffe airfields to form an ultra-bouncy air-cushioned sole.

Many styles have branched from the original Dr. Martens 1460 boot, which was the first boot to release in the UK with a massive reception that has been carried over generations, till today. The 1460’s allure is down to its breathable leather upper that makes it suitable for summer, but also winter thanks to its watertight construction which keeps the boots from leaking.

We also stock the Dr. Martens 1461, for transposing the rebellious lifestyle to formal wear, and the Dr. Martens OCCUPATIONAL 8250, which is ideal for wearing in smart-casual situations, thanks to its Chelsea-style silhouette.

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