Anti Penetration Mid Sole

A anti penetration mid sole protects your shoes and boots from being penetrated by nails, screws, glass or any other sharp objects on the floor that may pierce a normal sole of a shoe or boot. 

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Anti penetration mid soles are extremely important in many different different environments. Some of the places where a shoe or boot with a anti penetration soled shoe or boot may be required includes:

  • Construction or building sites
  • Warehousing
  • Glass factories


Having something sharp go straight through your foot can be a absolute nightmare. Buying the correct safety-wear has never been so important, at SteelToeBoots.co.uk all our shoes that have anti penetrative mid soles are clearly labelled to ensure that our customers can be at ease knowing they are fully protected. The sole is made out of specific materials which will stop glass, nails, screws, pins or any other sharp object from piercing the sole.